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Testa Analytical and its partners are committed to bringing you updates about their technological innovations, application advances and products in a growing portfolio of informative short videos. The aim of all our videos is to capture the key messages on camera in a way that reveals the science behind a technological advance, how a product works and what application results you can achieve.

BI 200SM Research grade goniometer overview

This video provides a complete overview of the 200SM Goniometer and gives an insight on all available options and possibilities of this research tool.

Sample Preparation for DLS

Sample preparation is of paramount importance especially in Dynamic Light Scattering experiments, where a single large dust particle might easily overshadow the interesting fraction of the sample under investigation. This video provides important and useful information about the best way to obtain representative samples for DLS.

Particle Solution software instructional video

Particle Solutions is a complete Software Suite designed to provide all necessary tools for DLS, Zeta Potential and PALS. This instructional video provides a quick overview of how measurements are completed with the advantage of this powerful software suite.

Correlator layout with NanoBrook Instruments

The correct selection of correlator layout is paramount for obtaining correct and reliable particle sizes with DLS. Automation in selecting the correlator settings is extremely useful, however limited. In some cases a more detailed selection is necessary. This video shows how the correlator layout can be user-set to solve most complex DLS applications.

NEW Step-by-Step aligned Goniometer

Alignement of a Goniometer system is often a challenge, expecially when this tedious procedure is not done frequently. This video offers step-by-step instructions that greatly facilitate alignement of the instrument, and helps avoid errors.

Dynamic Light Scattering: How to Handle Dust & Contaminants

This instructional video reveals methods and strategies targeting improvement of DLS results by proper sample preparation and clean-up. It aims to show how dust and other contaminants may negatively influence results and how these negative effects can be avoided or at least minimized.

The Basics: Particle Sizing

Nowadays particle sizing is quite straightforward, being simplified by advanced instrumentation and software. However, understanding of the basics of the determination and data processing is always a great place to start. This video explains terminology and meaning of the most common result values found in DLS applications.

Zeta Potential Basics

Similar to Particle Sizing, Zeta Potential determination is straightforward, being simplified by advanced instrumentation and software. However, understanding of basics of the determination and data processing, is always a great basis to start with, This video explains terminology and meaning of the most common result values found in ELS and PALS applications.

Applications Series: Surface Charge on Membranes

Zeta Potential has very important parameters not only in liquids but also for solid surfaces. Membranes are a particular type of surface, designed to allow molecules of certain sizes to pass freely while retaining larger ones. This process is however not only controlled by the pore size of the membrane, it is also influenced by the surface charge of the membrane, reading its Surface Zeta Potential. This video shows a typical application related to this highly interesting topic.

Applications Series: Cosmetics

Cosmetics are complex preparations with many components and extended requirements. This application demonstrate how one of the basic components, commonly present for example in sun screens, is characterized by DLS in order to determine the average Particle Size and Distribution.

Particle Explorer instructional video

The Particle Explorer Software Suite is a complete software package aimed to provide Goniometer users all necessary tools and possible functions to make best use of their Goniometer system. The package supports both SLS and DLS, providing tools for alignement control, Zimm-Plot and advanced SLS techniques. Also, the software offers numerous options for automation of SLS and DLS, leading to a more efficient use of the whole equipment.