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TESTA Analytical Solutions is a technology innovator and specialist supplier of high-performance liquid chromatography instruments and detectors plus a range of non-invasive, real-time flowmeters that are enabling scientists to solve application challenges faster, more reliably and with greater sensitivity. In addition to its HPLC and GPC/SEC products, the company provides and supports powerful, accurate instrument systems for particle sizing, light scattering, and zeta potential analysis. With over 30 years' experience of these problem-solving technologies, we are happy to share our knowledge with researchers worldwide.

We pride ourselves on providing a level of technical and applications support that few companies can match. As a small, dynamic company we maintain the flexibility to not only offer you off-the-shelf solutions but also to develop tailored systems to exactly match your application needs. Our training and refresher courses are designed to enable you to get the best out of your equipment.

Our history of constant investment in R&D has brought a steady stream of innovative products to market. These are perhaps best exemplified by our unique Viscometer/Differential Refractive Index combined detector which offers unmatched sensitivity and resolution and a high performance rapid scanning UV detector which offers the widest dynamic range of any UV detector currently available.

The quality and reliability of our products have been demonstrated in year-long operation under the most demanding conditions of operation and applications. This experience also led to the creation of instrument Kits designed for OEM clients. These kits have found great resonance and can be now found as fundamental components within instruments of well reknown suppliers.

Not only are Testa Analytical instruments designed to deliver top performance but our diligent commitment to quality ensures that you get many years of reliable operation even under the most demanding conditions. This combination of top quality, high performance and reliability has also led to the creation of instrument kits designed for OEM clients. Our kits today operate as fundamental components within instruments of a growing range of world renowned analytical and process instrument suppliers.

Our headquarters is located in Berlin, Germany. Today our instruments can be found hard at work in all many university and government labs as well industrial companies who care about research & development and quality control.

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