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Chinese Metrology Institute approves TESTA HPLC flowmeter

⇤ NEWS | 16th May 2024

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TESTA Analytical reports, after extensive testing, that its high-precision HPLC flowmeter has been approved by one of the most prestigious Metrology Institutes in Beijing, China.

Scientists at this pioneering national statutory authority in the field of metrology, investigated the HPLC flowmeter as a modern alternative to the traditional Flow calibration method for HPLC pumps (National Metrology Verification Regulations of the People's Republic of China JJG705-2014 Liquid Chromatography).

This method, based on gravimetric determination of average flow, requires around 60 minutes to complete the calibration process. Scientists at the Metrology Institute have confirmed that the TESTA Analytical HPLC flowmeter has proved to deliver precise flow rate within one second, and these test results are consistent with the traditional gravimetric method.

A scientist from the Metrology Institute said "The TESTA HPLC flowmeter is simple to install and use, is compact and convenient, and provides consistently reliable quantitative and fault diagnostic data. Usefully the flow measurement data is read directly by the device software without need for any calculations. Overall, we feel that this revolutionary product will save HPLC system users considerable time they have previously spent on undertaking calibrations."

The HPLC flowmeter range from TESTA Analytical sets the benchmark for continuous non-invasive monitoring of the performance of pumps serving HPLC and UHPLC systems. Compatible with all common solvents, the compact HPLC flowmeter powers itself from a USB connection. At the heart of the HPLC flowmeter is a high-resolution thermal flow sensor that is both extremely accurate and sensitive. This non-invasive sensor enables the device to operate over a wide dynamic range. Each TESTA flowmeter is supplied with an easy-to-use PC based App that allows users to continuously record, and store measured flow rate data from a HPLC system. Current flow rate is displayed on the devices integral high-resolution OLED display.

Local technical and application support for the HPLC flowmeter in China is supplied by Dr Aizhen Niu (aniu@testa-analytical.com). For further information on the HPLC flowmeter range please visit https://testa-analytical.com/hplc-chromatography.html.

Click here to contact Testa Analytical Solutions (+49-30-864-24076).


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