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A Chromatography Innovator has left us

⇤ NEWS | 7th February 2024

A Chromatography Innovator has left us

Modern chromatography would not exist as we know it today without a few people who recognized early on the possibilities this technique could offer and spent their life in constant search for improvements, for new aspects, for better instruments. In short, creating devices capable of supplying answers to analytical challenges. To a casual observer, it might seem these people were just obsessed by their own dream of mastering challenges, for those who have had the fortune to work with one of these people, this obsession was just irrepressible passion. Dr. Herbert Knauer was one of these people, and I had the fortune to know him and to collaborate with him.

Dr. Knauer was a true innovator, seeking improvement in any aspect of a chromatographic device or instrument he or his team conceived. He was always open to new ideas, ready to jump into new challenges. He was a great team player, and a mentor to the younger generation. Working with him allowed me to gain valuable experience and learn a lot about technologies which were previously unknown to me. He gave me the chance to grow with the tasks with which I was confronted. Looking back, I recognize he has been a great teacher and leader, for me and for countless others. He was an extremely friendly person to everybody, always available when his help was needed or even just for a discussion. His extensive career as an entrepreneur shaped the paths of countless members of the scientific community, as an employer or as creator and supplier of among the most reliable HPLC instruments available. I know Dr. Knauer lived his passion till his very last breath, which I find admirable. He has now left us, and sure I will miss him.

Farewell Dr. Knauer, we will miss you.

  "We shall not cease exploration. And at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." -T.S. Eliot

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