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Failsafe monitor to shut off your HPLC if a solvent reservoir runs dry

⇤ NEWS | 7th September 2022 | Version

The Solvent Line Monitor from TESTA Analytical is a true plug-and-play addition to any HPLC system designed to detect when one or more of its pump solvent reservoirs are empty and automatically shut-off the system.

Failsafe monitor to shut off your HPLC if a solvent reservoir runs dry

Modern chromatography systems often include automation enabling them to achieve a high sample throughput which was unthinkable just a few years ago. This has led to many organizations reducing the number of lab personnel trained to run HPLC systems. Today, analytical laboratory staff typically have to monitor and manage several different chromatography systems at the same time. In such a scenario, overlooking a small detail such as making sure sufficient solvent is available for all runs planned, can easily occur.

Running out of solvent when running an HPLC or any other liquid chromatography system is a problem most separation scientists will have encountered. Your chromatograph running out of solvent can lead to loss of data, need to re-prime the pump, system downtime and often necessitates re-validation to make sure the obtained results are within expected limits. The Solvent Line Monitor is designed to eliminate this problem, without any user input or need for regular resetting. The Solvent Line Monitor runs independently and is fully compatible with almost any liquid chromatograph.

The Solvent Line Monitor is purpose designed to continuously monitor the fill status of tubing carrying solvent to up to two liquid chromatography pumps. It can alert the operator, or even automatically shut down the operation of an HPLC System, if no solvent is present in the tubing. The device operates fully independently from any other component and requires no special parameter setting.

Using the compact and affordable Solvent Line Monitor is a straightforward process. The device is set-up and controlled using an intuitive PC-based app that provides facility for different actions once an empty reservoir alarm status is detected, for example a simple beep or a stop signal.

For further information on the Solvent Line Monitor please visit www.custom-chromatography.com/technologies.html.

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